Tuesday, 21 October 2008

This is OOGGG

Orange Orange Gash Gash Gash is a piruett of repetition and randomness, very much similar to the music that it represents and while it can be namedropped in many ways (hell, we don't even keep track of the name) you will with all certainity remember it.

Behind it, smirking, is Todd Simmons and Hampus Holmqvist, two producers with different backgrounds but the same passion: the passion of everything weird and wonky that makes your mind twitch or makes your nerves tingle, that makes your balls sweat and your mind run free.

Hampus hails from the ancient capital of Sweden and attacks his sonic canvas with everything he can conjure from his brewing witch's pot, whereas Todd chisels out obsidian beats with surgical precision. Together they oscillate in and out of harmony with each other like an elderly married couple on an opium bender.

It's not more complicated than finding something orange in your life, really.