Friday, 7 November 2008

"is it really finished?"
"it's only a matter of work"

there is a thing out there on the world wide web that is called the Oblique Strategies, and without getting into too much detail it is an application that draws a random 'card' for you, and on this card there is something inspiring or thought provoking written that is meant to help you in the creative process.

But now that my poor head has been bashed into the same song over and over again with loop after loop being rejected, these Oblique fucking Strategies are starting to piss me off. Considerably. Of course it's not fucking finished, and thanks for telling me that it is only a matter of work, sir.

Not that I want to give the cards right, but considering the pain, strain and effort invested into this little cubase file there is only one cure now, and that is more of the poison.

Just like those Sunday mornings...